Thursday, March 15, 2007

Democratic Party Is Run by Lawyer-Operators according to famous LAWYER

A recent New York Times Op-Ed Column reminds us what Harvard luminary and leading political commentator, Michael Kinsley, himself a LAWYER, observed about the leadership of the Democrat Party:

On July 25, 1981, Michael Kinsley published an essay in The New Republic called “The Shame of the Democrats.” The Democratic Party, the young Kinsley wrote, is viewed “with growing indifference.” It is run “by lawyer-operators with no commitment to any particular political values.” It is filled “with politicians who will do or say anything for a word or a dollar of support.” [emphasis mine]

Sometimes, even the obvious, unflattering truth will be confirmed by an unabashed member of the obfuscation class.

Kinsley's quote is on a par with the one in Lawyer Kickers pro bono's banner:
"Well-connected local people probably don't get prosecuted as much,'' said professor John Corkery of the James Madison Law School in Chicago. "That's just endemic in government, including lawyers and judges. People don't like to prosecute their friends.''