Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Does the Litigation Industry Get More Aggressive?

The web site reads:

Welcome to LawAdvance.com
Are you involved in a pending or settled lawsuit but cannot wait until it pays you? LawAdvance.com offers you cash advances on your lawsuit in order to give you the resources you need to maintain a stable lifestyle.


What about the defendant's stable lifestyle? This is why tort reform in the United States is unfinished business. If the defendant is a corporation, what about the employment prospects and pensions of its employees? Trial lawyers and judges don't care, and we are about to find out again, soon.

Lawyers will eventually sue every corporation with deep pockets like termites attack your home, mercilessly. IRAs and 401ks will be decimated like those that held tobacco stock.

Global warming suits against our utilities are currently in abeyance, but the party lead by trial lawyers is attaining power again. Kiss your retirement savings goodbye, or vote to end egregious class action suits and require losing plaintiffs to pay all court costs.