Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Big Push for "Human Sacrifice" in 21st Century

In ancient times human sacrifice was an archaic habit of shamanistic cultures and mystical knowledge-men.

Today, a less sanguine equivalent is promoted as a modern con. Who must make the sacrifice? Wage earners, pensioners and utility ratepayers will. Who will rob these honest toilers? Lawyers, of course, and shaman like Al Gore. Will a derivative class benefit? Of course, those "scientists" and academics (federal grant addicts) who continually produce supportive studies will be rewarded with perpetual grant monies, while more objective scientists and academics will be cut off from further grants.

How will this burden be redistributed? Unnecessary investments in equipment will be required by utility plants (ratepayers foot those bills), corporations will be forced into bankruptcy by confiscatory legislation and contrived damage litigation, pensions will dry up, but lawyers and their shamen will be wealthier than ever. The U.S. economy will be sacrificed at the expense of payoffs by foreign entities to our politicians (particularly Senate lawyers of either party).

Those who actually make and collect these sacrifices will never live long enough to see that it had not been necessary. The coffers and political fortunes of those wielding the power, however, will be enriched by the honest toilers.

Cyclical warming and cooling has been a feature of our planet's history for at least the last 700,000 years. Warm periods may last 10-20,000 years. The Holocene that humans have been experiencing between major ice ages is now 13,000+ years old.

It is safe for charlatans to claim dire problems and require confiscatory sacrifice, because average people are ignorant of planet history and will die well before the next ice age arrives.

By now, you must have guessed that the name of the con is human-induced global warming.

What a scam. How dishonest, even for politicians! [Adapted from Molten Eagle]