Thursday, September 08, 2005

Introducing: Lone Ranger, Riding America for Education of Blacks, Hispanics and White Trash - - - See Why

Expanded from original posting by Vigilis at the Molten Eagle blog.

Politicians have a habit of changing my mind about supporting any single party. I hold fast to the idea that three, strong, political parties competing with each other might provide more openess in government and dilute collusive impacts of the LAW profession's colonization of the U.S. Senate (53%), the House (34%) and the Judiciary (100%).

Unfortunately, we are not there yet, and rumors of a John McCain split already carries an alliance of well-placed House and Senate lawyers. Same ol', same ol'.

Always open-minded and professionally skeptical, I find interesting opinions and well-crafted essays of all stripes. I demand more than a modicum of factual support and loathe emotional propaganda, however. Occasionally, I will be fooled, but not very often. Below, I have linked to one of the better pieces.

I will not describe its leanings, because it is best that you judge it for yourself. Go here for The History of Republican Evil by Lone Ranger. Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, or independent, you should be interested to read what Lone Ranger tells us. -Vigilis