Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Radical Islamic Utopia: Part Two

Militias of Islamic Courts reported by the Las Vegas SUN in August 23, 2005 chaos:

MOGADISHU, Somalia (AP) - Militias of Islamic courts (sic) on Tuesday began pulling down stalls suspected of selling wine in Somalia's capital. Witnesses said militiamen also confiscated equipment from two video halls during the effort to enforce sharia - or Islamic law. Six people were arrested.

Sheikh Ahmed Mo'alin Yusuf, a leader of the Islamic courts, said "We want to fight against everything that can spread obnoxious misconduct within this Muslim community and the use of narcotics and other toxic drugs," he said.

A transitional government was formed last year, but the administration has failed to relocate to Mogadishu because the city is considered unsafe. The government is also opposed by Islamic extremists and some of the dozens of warlords who control some of the country's 53,000 militias.

U.S. citizens who might vote for an Islamic candidate must understand the proscriptions of freedom anathema to our constitution that sharia would certainly bring, if allowed to propsper. Militias of courts should have a frightening ring to freedom loving Americans.


Anonymous Achemed b'Lister said...

Please vote for me. I happen to be an Islamic fundamentalist, and I do not appreciate all the 'slamming' that you are doing to my faith. Women should love living under my rule. They will never have to wonder what to do again - I will tell them. You non-Muslim men will also like my rule. You will become part of the majority (Muslim), or you will not be a problem to me at all. Remember all the things that I can give you in the next life! A vote for me is a vote for screaming, and automatic weapon fire in the street!

12:40 PM  

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