Saturday, July 02, 2005

What Does Ted Kennedy Really Want and Mean?

Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA) Friday threatened to oppose Bush's choice of retiring Justice O'Connor's replacement "if the president abuses his power and nominates someone who threatens to roll back the rights and freedoms of the American people." Story by Jeff Johnson of is here.

Let's review. Sen. Kennedy (LAWYER) LLB, University of Virgina Law School, 1959. He had been suspended from Harvard in May 1951 after he arranged for another student to take a final examination in a Spanish class in his place. Now, it is no surprise that LAWYER-SENATORS bear scrutiny. This guy's ultra-liberal record means he is the epitome of propaganda. What does he mean by "roll back the freedoms" of American people? Not what you may think. He is not afraid Civil Rights or abortion on demand will be overturned, because there is no possibility that would happen. What about gay rights? No, EEOC rights are here to stay and marriage rights never made it. So what, then, does this LAWYER really mean? He and most LAWYERS mean what they cannot admit publicly, but what we read about them doing everyday.

According to 1998 U.S. Census data, the median annual income for lawyers and judges was slightly over $100,000. In order to assure job security and high income for Defense Attorneys, Prosecuting Attorneys and Judges (compare their $50 average, hourly compensation rate to that of a citizen serving on "Jury Duty" in your state), LAWYERS want to assure that convicted criminals' rights are not rolled back. Did you notice that Defense Attorney's, Prosecutors and Judges are all LAWYERS and three of them, at a minimum, are required for every trial? Are there calls for new courthouses and judges in every county to keep up with the crime? Odd, where are the equal calls for more prison building? Hmmm.

About 68% of the time that a guilty defendant gets released, receives a plea-bargained sentence, too light a sentence because there is not enough jail space, or even parole, guess what we have? We have recidivism -more crime by a repeat offender. But when that happens guess what LAWYERS have? More trials (more business and job security).

Guess who the largest contributor to the Democrat party represents? If you guessed trial LAWYERS, you would be correct. Is this problem only with Democrat LAWYER-SENATORS?
Certainly not. Don't be fooled. Consider very long and hard the need to elect or return any LAWYER to a public office.

Remember, the talk about rolling back the rights of Americans refers to America's criminals.