Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Update June 2005: Lawyer Kings Promote Their Job Security

In my May 23rd "EARLY WARNING: Colonization of the Senate" I explained the growing peril in diminished checks and balances between the three, separate branches of federal government. Lawyer-politicians dominate the legislative branches currently; their "kings," the federal judges, totally populate the judiciary at all times, and sometimes LAWYERS (e.g. Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford, Richard Nixon) have even headed the executive branch.

As one of the poor consequences, the public gets judicial leniency promoting recidivism (crime by repeat offenders). Recidivism, of course, boosts lawyer employment as new crimes and trials will require at minimum three lawyers - a judge, a defense attorney and a prosecutor. Upon appeal, the lawyer employment factor is repeated.

Only a week or so later comes this AP story by David Kravets: U.S. Court: Thousands Can Challenge Terms. SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Thousands of inmates doing federal time in the West won a chance to challenge their sentences under an appeals court ruling Wednesday. In its 7-4 ruling Wednesday, the 9th Circuit held for allowing all federal inmates whose convictions are on appeal to challenge their sentences. The 9th Circuit Court - the nations largest appeals court, covers nine Western states. Dissenting judges say the decision will prompt a flood of appeals estimated in "perhaps the thousands." (x 3 LAWYERS each)

GOOD NEWS! High Court Declines to Rule on Sentencing
WASHINGTON (AP) Jun 20, 10:45 AM (ET) - The Supreme Court decline today to consider whether hundreds of criminals sentenced before a landmark ruling on federal sentencing guidelines should receive reduced prison time. With no comment, justices let stand a lower court ruling against a Florida convict who challenged his nine-year, mandatory guideline, drug sentence that the Supreme Court subsequently threw out as unconstitutional in January. Rodriguez v. U.S., 04-1148


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