Monday, May 23, 2005

EARLY WARNING: Colonization of the Senate

Colonization of the Senate - Definition: Degradation of the constitutional system of checks and balances on the three, separated branches of government resulting from a single profession's dominance in both the U.S. Senate (lawyers comprise over half of all Senators) and the Federal Judiciary (where lawyers comprise 100%). Individual lawyers can be fine, upstanding people and some even make great, elected officials. The legal profession is also a necessity. The object of this warning is not to deny members of the legal establishment their opportunity to be elected to office, it is to declare the obvious threat to the intended checks and balances devised by this great nation's founders. Currently, the system of checks has been subverted by an imbalance of lawyers. Voters are urged to consider the merit of this warning and use their utmost selectivity before electing or re-electing lawyers of either party to the U.S. Senate. Like parasitic termite infestations, Colonization of the Senate carries serious perils. Lawyers in the Senate present especially unique threats to 'checks and balances' for four reasons. First, the legal profession is given naturally to "judge worship." The deference given judges by lawyers is natural for reasons of job security and career advancement; but it is also much higher than that of ordinary citizens or non-lawyer politicians. Secondly, federal judges are appointed lawyers, and those appointed for life become the epitome of ascendency in the legal profession. Thirdly, lawyers outnumber other professions in at least two of our three branches of government. Senators (6 year terms) hold sway over representatives (elected to only 2 year terms); over 30% of House members are also lawyers. Finally, many of the lawyer-Senators are former trial attorneys or litigators, meaning their professional ethic has allowed conning juries with plausible defenses to free the guilty, seeking minimum sentences for convicts (recidivism boosts lawyer employment as new crimes and trials require three lawyers -a judge, defense attorney and prosecutor). Litigators are often practiced in extortive "out-of-court" settlements and class actions that benefit no one as much as themselves. Unlike termites, Senators can only be exterminated (from office) once every six years. Consequently the legal profession is booming in America with 7,000,000 lawyers fully employed. Why does one country require 70% of the world's lawyers? Interesting, but that is not the point. Simply, the Senate's "collegial" power structure equates as lawyers with the power to make judges or be appointed for life play ball so they never have to go before the wrong judge. What a shame, but the cure for it has been mentioned.