Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Chappaqua Candidate Collides with Muslims in Heartland

In 1992, Hillary Clinton (LAWYER) was quoted as saying, "I've done the best I can to lead my life. I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas." Her suggestion of greater value for womanhood outside the home offended those who believe in traditional two-parent marriages where one spouse (usually the "stay at home mom") actually attends to raising children to religious moral values, teaches them self-discipline, provides loving day care, may home school, and energetically runs a general household.

Wendy McElroy published an article (Foxnews.com, March 18, 2003) entitled, "Iraq War May Kill Feminism as We Know It." Making the argument "Western feminists . . . are hostile to religion, and especially to Christianity," McElroy suggests "places Western feminism on a collision course with its Muslim counterpart . . . Islamic feminism tends to be pro-family and not inherently anti-male." Modern Islam permits polygamy, although it is not encouraged universally.

Ms. Clinton must now consider a voter block which traditionally rejects the brand of feminism she has come to symbolize. Her dilemma, though it may seem minor, is how to reconcile political correctness and political expediency -without alienating the Muslim females' vote. Arab Americans of both genders cast some 1.7 million votes, more than enough to impact a presidential election. What gives further value to their votes, however, is their high turnout rate.

Militant feminists, please standby to tone down your customary, in-the-face hostility and to reign your ranting rhetoric. Un-metro sexualized males, a sub-set of the minority gender, may soon enjoy your reluctant return to civility.

Of two incisive bloggers, Rob has been rather defensive of Hillary lately, while Chapomatic saw fit to make a Quote O' The Day out of Progressive Democrat's having embarrassing problems brewing regarding Muslim women.