Sunday, December 11, 2005

Global Warming: The Phoney Distraction from Real Crisis

Originally posted at Molten Eagle

More and more critical thinkers have abondoned the hyped crisis called Global Warming due to weak, contradictory and trumping evidence. Do your own homework, and decide for yourself.

This is about the crisis actually confronting first and second world governments. Why not include the poorer, third world governments? They will be effected deeply as their benefactors suffer, but not directly -the longevity in these countries is generally too short to suffer the direct impact of Alzheimer's Disease.

Although Alzheimer's can afflict 20-yearolds, that is very rare. The likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s almost doubles every five years after age 65. At 85, the risk becomes almost 50 percent.

The June 26, 2001 report from the Centers for Disease Control showed a doubling of deaths from Alzheimer's disease, adding further urgency to "this mounting public health crisis, which demands an immediate response." At a time when the numbers of other age-related deaths are decreasing, Alzheimer's keeps increasing. Today, two of every five people know someone suffering from Alzheimer's. This statistic will double in the coming five years, due to demographics (people living longer in larger numbers since WWII).

Who do we know that work well into old age? Lately, it does seem everyone, but historically politicians are most noted for their long "service". This crisis is personally concerning to politicians for that special reason alone. When Clinton left office, the annual national cost of caring for AD patients was estimated to be slightly over $50 billion (Leon et al., 1998).

Is there a cure or preventative in sight? No, but there seems to be an ozone connection to Alzheimer's. Lightning creates ozone; it strikes the Earth 20 million times a year and cannot be stopped by mankind.

What should government leaders do? The last thing any government wants is to create a panic by relating Alzheimer's to CJD (the human version of bovine spongiform encephalitis or mad cow disease). The pathologies are as similar as the symptons. What some politicians believe is needed is a phoney crisis to distract people, a crisis that will appear to be managed with good results (positive results could be demonstrable in 5 years, though not verifiable for hundreds or longer.

Politicians quietly sign up to Global Warming as their white horse, because they are as brilliant an environmentalist as Al Gore, as honest as John Kerry, as honorable as Ted Kennedy, as confused as John McCain, or because they go along with the pack. Scientists, who originally conceived the GW possibilty for early investigations, now need it for lifelong job security.

Oh, yes. Lawyers will be the major winners (again), if the U.S. signs up to GW, because the stage would be set for to sue corporations that then would appear remiss, laggardly or criminal. The impacts will be a transfer of wealth to the parasite class (trial lawyers), higher utility rates and prices for consumers, job losses for tens of thousands of American workers as their employers are forced into bankruptcy, related pension losses for retirees, and even larger contibutions to U.S. Senators from American Trial Lawyer political organizations.