Thursday, August 06, 2009

In the Public's Benefit - Installment 2009-4

William Jennings "Bill" Jefferson (HARVARD LAW - 1972) is now a convicted felon and the 3rd high-profile lawyer to be found guilty of felony (after Joseph P. Collins and Marc S. Dreier), since July 11, 2009. Two of the villains are HARVARD LAW graduates.

In December, 2008, we had posted Law Schools Do Not Seem to Compete for the Public's Benefit contending that Law school reputations currently connote to the public only vague expectations of how brazen and arrogant its graduates behave.

Law school admission standards must be tightened for the entire public to better rely on reputations of respective law schools for producing graduates of innate integrity.

Improving law school admissions standards, although certainly in the public interest, is highly unlikely. After all, law schools are not military academies and most lawyers were never Eagle Scouts nor recipients of Girl Scout equivalent Gold Awards.

We expected, to be posting with increasing frequency about the brazen corruption and ethical lapses of lawyers in public office. The latest felon is has been a member of the U.S. House. The kind of dough those not in public office could afford to throw around could certainly influence some in public office:

Shamed law schools will be identified to awaken the public. Stay tuned.